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Wear A Dress was founded in 2014 by Jeanette and Megan, two sisters, the oldest and youngest from a family of six girls. Both are married with three children (Jeanette has three boys and Megan has two girls and one boy) and have worked as school teachers. The sisters prefer to wear dresses that are compatible with their values of faith and family while also being comfortable, attractive, and versatile. They had a vision of a place where busy moms, school teachers, professional women and growing teens could find casual dresses. They started with a few simple patterns, in new fabrics each year.  All of the dresses have sleeves, long skirts, and modest necklines. The dresses are available in size extra-small to extra-large, with some being available in 2X & 3X-large, and one going up to 6X.  


Written by one of our customers:


I feel like a woman of
Now that I'm a customer 
    of Wearadress.
If there's church or
     There's school,
If it's hot or it's cool,
     Or I'm sopping wet
With new baby drool,
     I've a suitable dress
To obey any rule!!!
K.I. from Saskatchewan
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