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Customer Service

We care about our customers, and look forward to engaging with a community of women who enjoy wearing dresses. As part of that engagement we want to ensure that our customer service practices stay close to our small business roots. If you have any questions, concerns, or have had issues with a product or your interactions with us we encourage you to contact us directly through whichever means you find most comfortable. We are available via telephone at 1-204-320-3042, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you! 

 Here is what our customers have said:


Awesome, thank you so much! Love yalls dresses!   S.G. from Mississippi


S. absolutely loves your dresses and she looks great in them!! - T.J. from Missouri


The black dress I bought from you can be dressed up for weddings, it can be worn around town, I can even cuddle up on the couch watching movies with it on.  It is so comfortable yet so classy.    K.R. from Saskatchewan


I feel like a woman of
Now that I'm a customer 
    of Wearadress.
If there's church or
     There's school,
If it's hot or it's cool,
     Or I'm sopping wet
With new baby drool,
     I've a suitable dress
To obey any rule!!!
K.I. from Saskatchewan

 Thanks, wear a dress, for rescuing my sanity! Here's my story... 

I spent Tuesday afternoon cutting out and attempting to sew an "easy beginners pattern"...outcome: a crumpled up wad in the corner. Me or the dress? You decide. 

I spent Wednesday morning browsing through your dress racks, trying on one lovely dress after another, with capable, helpful, and professional staff in attendance...a table full of snacks....delightful women to visit with and compare opinions and suggestions. I took three of these ready to wear creations to the till, where I was told that three purchases equal a free dress from the bargain rack. Woohoo!!! ...and this is not the end. A few hours later I received a phone call. "I found the dress size you were really looking for, do you want to come exchange it?!" 
In conclusion: 
✔️ professional friendly service 
✔️ beautiful new dresses that fit 
✔️a delightful shopping environment 
✔️ I don't have to sew anything, resulting in a happier family, a cleaner house, and better meals 
✔️ freebies 
✔️ dress belt buttons (this one should be at the top of the list) 
✔️peace and quiet 

Amy, NOT Megan and Jeanette's sister, a different one 


another one:

 Thank you so much for your help today. Was worth a lot to me. The small pieces of common sense were the very enlightenment I needed. Look forward to 'dressing up'. Lois 

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